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Newcastle Transport covers the Newcastle Buses and Ferries service area, including the Newcastle local government area and Newcastle Harbour, and the eastern part of Lake Macquarie, between Adamstown Heights and Swansea Heads.

Whether you are planning ahead or leaving now, there are a number of ways you can plan your trip, look up times or check for travel alerts on your phone, tablet or computer.

Bus Services

Area timetables

Download a weekly timetable for your area.

    Bus Services

    Individual routes

    Find your individual route map and download the timetable.

      Bus Services

      Area maps

      Search by Suburb to discover the routes available in your area.

        Maps explained

        Regional network map

        Discover all regional routes operated by Newcastle Transport.

        The network map contains all bus routes and stops in the Newcastle Transport area, and shows points of interest and facilities including interchange options.

        Newcastle Transport operates 20 bus routes serving the major facilities across Newcastle and the ferry between Stockton and Queens Wharf.

        Download the regional network map

        Area route maps

        Search by suburb to discover services in your area. Detailed area route maps present bus routs available to trabel within certain areas and to the Newcastle CBD.

        Stops, timing points, points of interest, transport connections are indicated around the itinerary to help you identify the stop nearest to your desination. The timing points are given by letters, which correspond to the columns listed in the timetable to show when the bus is due to arrive at the location along the route. 

        Find your area map.